Clarification for those visiting their loved ones at Manoah House.



Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Manoah Homes continues to make every effort to protect the residents from the COVID-19 coronavirus. Thus we closely follow the latest policies and procedures as outlined by the governing Commonwealth and State Government directions to minimise the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

The West Australian Government has revoked its earlier stance on people visiting residential nursing homes. Hence, we have revised our Visitor’s policy to reflect those changes.

There are still strict procedures that need to be adhered to in order to keep the residents, staff including everyone’s relatives and significant others safe.

29 May 2020 Vistiation Protocols Reviewed & Clarified

Even though Manoah Homes is a boutique stand alone nursing home we don’t make decisions in a vacuum. We  acknowledge God’s Word that there is wisdom in the counsel of many (Proverbs 11:14 & 15:21-22). This is especially pertinent to the current situation with Covid-19. That is why we are long time subscribers and members of one the leading aged care industry professional associations “Aged Care Services of Australia” otherwise known as “ACSA”.  They have worked long and hard to develop a visitation code that we ascribe to, which is also subjective to the Commonwealth and State directives.  We encourage you to read this code in conjunction with latest’s State Health Directive. This will clarify a great many questions you might have and also clarify many considerations that have been taken into consideration in ensuring the resident’s rights and their safety. Please click on the following link 21-05-2020_Industry-Code-RACH-Visits-during-COVID-10-FINAL-as-at-11-May-2020 Also please read the latest’s State Health Directive by following this link Visitors to Residential Aged Care Facilities Directions No2_0

11 May 2020 Dear Families and Significant Others

It’s great that the construction of the new wing is in full swing, but this also presents some minor challenges for Manoah House. Please be aware that Manoah House, starting form this Tuesday will experience some short term power shut downs at designated times over the next four days.. Manoah House has taken appropriate steps to ensure there are no risks nor any discomfort to the residents by engaging extra staff. Please be aware that communications will be disrupted as all our computers and phones will not be operational during the below mentioned days and times;

Tuesday 12th May all power off between the hours of 13:30 – 16:30 for all of Manoah House Wednesday 13th May power off between the hours of 9:30 – 12:00 for rooms 1 to 9 inclusive Thursday 14th May power off between the hours of 9:30 – 12:30 for rooms 3 to 5, 9 to 11 and 15 and 16 inclusive Friday 15th May power of between 12:30 – 15:30 for all of Manoah House

We apologise for any conveniences this might pose.

5 May 2020. Dear family members and significant others, this is an update of the information directly below dated; 29 April 2020. With most decisions there are always some unintended consequences or unforeseen situations, and this has occurred with the most recent policy change pertaining visits. Please click on the following link and read this in light of the previous link “28-04-2020_Covid 19 Processes for visiting Manoah House”. 5-05-2020_Manoah_Homes_updated_Visitation_Policy

29 April 20202. It would be greatly appreciated if you would contact our Facility Manager Elaine Robinson, at least a couple of days before your intended visit. This will help clarify the new policies pertaining to visiting your loved ones as one of the new legal requirement includes providing us with evidence of you having received this years’ Flu Vaccine (for the length of the pandemic). It is our hope that by doing so your visit will be smooth and stress free without disappointments. Please click  on the following link for more details, including making visiting arrangements for Mothers’ Day: 28-04-2020_Covid 19 Processes for visiting Manoah House

We also want to be aware that we will continue to provide Facetime Visits, please click for those details on the following link: 20-04-2020 Letter to Relatives re facetime

Manoah Homes is taking this outbreak with utmost seriousness because lives are literally on the line. This post will be updated with any new information as the governing bodies and our own policies change to fight this virus.

Coronavirus – Government link for more information.