Under our Constitution, the Association is governed exclusively by a Board consisting of a minimum of 5 financial members of the Association, who individually hold to the Christian Reformed faith. Board members are elected for 4 years at the Association Annual General Meeting.

The Manoah House and Village residents cannot be Board members.

Our current Board members are:

  • Chairman: Mr. Jaco van Staden
  • Vice Chairman: Mr Tian Kotze
  • Other Board Members:
    • Dr. Adele Austin
    • Mr. Victor Eikelboom
    • Dr. Leon Lorenzen
    • Mrs Karen Prins
    • Mr Reinhard Prins
  • Other Personnel:
    • CEO: Mr. Thomas Woodage
    • Facility Manager: Mrs. Elaine Robinson
    • Senior Pastoral Counsellor: Mr. Henk Gort